Curtis Gruss
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Welcome to Curtis Gruss Photography!

Specializing in Product & Commercial Photography
Based in Grass Valley, CA, I specialize in Commercial and Product photography.
In addition, I also photograph Bands & Musicians and Events & Functions.

With my services, I take the time to work with you, one on one, to provide you with the best photographic options and highest quality images that will showcase your product, business or service in the best way possible.
Product Photography  images can be created for and utilized in many different ways and fashions such as: Catalogs & Brochures, Displays & Promotional Material, Internet use (Social Media, Websites, etc.), Business & Office Decor, How-to Books & other Publications, as well as all types and formats of Advertising & Marketing.

Each product or service is different and thus requires an individual approach photographically to bring out its unique qualities and really make it stand out. With some "mass-market" product photography websites, where you have to ship your product to them, all you get are "assembly line" generic photos shot with plain white backgrounds so your products look like everyone else's - plain, boring and nothing special.

Commercial Photography  can showcase your business, company or entity to make it stand out as the first-rate enterprise that it is. From building interiors and exteriors, to personnel, to products, to on-site in the field, Commercial images can be used for websites & social media; brochures, publications & reports; advertising & marketing; business & office décor; and much more!

Your business is important to you and you take great pride in it; you want to present that professional image to your audience and customers, and they should see that, because that is what they are looking for. As the saying goes, “it’s all in the details”, and professionally photographed images take into account all the fine details that really make the difference in how you and your enterprise are represented – the quality shows!

As I mentioned above, I specialize in product and commercial work. Other photographers may do similar work as "filler" to their main specialty(s) of say portraits and weddings, but they may not be able to really capture the essence and feel you want. I will bring your product, business, or service to life as someone who specializes in this kind of photographic style and deliver the images you imagined.

Visit my Portfolio Page to view samples of my work and images. See just some of the ways products, businesses, and services can be photographed, shown and optimized, then let's discuss and plan what my photography can do for you.

Also, don't forget about having special seasonal and holiday images of your products, services, or business photographed as well! They are very important to your marketing campaigns and strategies - not to mention sales boosts during those seasonal specials - and will look stunning as they take your marketing campaigns to the next level!